This paragraph hit hard 🙌

"What happens when language becomes the domain and product of an intelligence with no self-consciousness, awareness, having no social existence or history? In compressing language into a proverbial zip file, we are in fact ceding language, and all of the thought and knowledge and emotion and beauty and humanity that language entails, to a formless, cultureless, monolith. Could anything symbolise our culture, and our cultural moment, more than this? Our vanity and banality, our vacuity and superficiality, our rootlessness and emptiness, our voyeuristic, ostensible reality."

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Feb 27, 2023·edited Feb 27, 2023

May I say, these 3am Thoughts are, again, beyond beautiful! I cannot but agree to the points you make, especially with regards to the Enlightenment-Romantic dialectic tension (to quote Goethe's Faust, it fits so well, as he has studied ‚ach! Philosophie, Juristerei und Medizin‘, but still feels the need to understand, ‚was die Welt im innersten zusammenhält‘) and your sharp analytic view on Postmodernism. What is most outstanding for me is that your language and rhetoric is again so masterful, intriguing and beautiful, it expresses your points in and of itself, ‚von innen heraus‘. Thank you!

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