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Social media would have us all become Marianne Dashwood, for whom the only proof of deep feeling is in its display.

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Excellent essay!

"Demons are diminished in their real power by the belittling effects of our pop culture mental health porn." Yes, I really hate how very often on social media it is portrayed like mental illness would add something to you. If it does fine, but chances are very low in reality. If anything it takes away from the finer sides of being human.

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Have you read Nietzsche's Genealogy of Morals? The mustached melancholic eviscerates the sort of aspirational victimhood you are pointing to in places here. He calls it "slave morality". It is the sort of morality in which a person feels superior to others by virtue of their suffering and old Freddie reckons it started with (a twisted) view of Christianity.

Good writing man 👌

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